IWLS also offers learning adventures that combine two or more activities into one course. Skiing or climbing on rugged mountains, sea kayaking ocean fjords, captaining a paddle raft or hiking mountain ridges, the IWLS Multi-Sport courses give students a breadth of technical skills along with leadership experience. If you don’t see the combination of courses below that you are interested in, please feel free to call us and discuss custom programming

Alaska Mountaineering & Sea Kayaking
26 days

This comprehensive sea kayaking and mountaineering course is the perfect setting to achieve your goals whether you are looking to become a professional guide, hone your technical abilities for personal adventures, or expand your leadership skills.

Alaska Youth Multi-Sport
10 days

These series of exciting adventure activities challenge students in one of the wildest places on earth. Backcountry skills and outdoor education combine for a complete wilderness experience!

Mexico Mountaineering & Sea Kayaking
26 days

In the land of the ancient Aztecs, the glaciated volcanoes of central Mexico tower above the surrounding landscape. Mexico’s legendary Baja peninsula is an ecological wonder and outdoor playground, an unlikely union of desert and sea, and there’s no better way to explore it than on an IWLS course.

Mexico Mountaineering & Rock Climbing
24 days

Combine these two exciting activities in central Mexico for a well-rounded technical climbing curriculum and leadership training course.


Utah & Nevada Youth Multi-Sport
10 days

Imagine standing in awe of giant sandstone towers in the Canyonlands, descending a narrow slot canyon in southern Utah, or learning how to navigate with a map and compass.