Professional Programs

Are you working as a professional in the outdoor industry and trying to develop new skills, further your education, or refine your leadership or risk management techniques? IWLS offers custom courses designed specifically for the aspiring and/or practicing professional, program administrators, and program directors.

Whether on expeditions, within corporations, or in preparation for a career in the outdoors, we know what it takes to support a high level of professionalism.

Professional Incident Response
12 days

Aside from delivering high quality patient care and first aid, it is essential for professionals to be able to manage an incident successfully and minimize risk of potential future litigation. This IWLS course is designed for outdoor professionals and program managers that seek to have the skills to effectively manage incidents at the highest level.

Professional Wilderness Rescue
12 days

This course is designed to give students a solid technical, theoretical, and experiential background for managing emergency situations in a wilderness environment. You’ll practice emergency scenarios on rivers, oceans, rock faces, and snowy mountain slopes. Students receive Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Low and High Angle Rescue, and Avalanche Level 1 certifications.