Practical Guiding Experience


Practical guiding experience is the foundation of IWLS leadership courses and curriculum.  We have been teaching wilderness education for over 16 years in the mountains, oceans, and rivers around the world. The combination of quality instruction, a well-developed curriculum, and substantial professional experience is essential for training the best outdoor leaders and guides.

A student learns the figure-8 knot to tie in to a harness for ice climbing. -Bryan Hinderberger

IWLS is a division of Alaska Mountain Guides and Climbing School, Inc. Combined with our partner companies Mountain Guides International, Inc., Alaska Mountain Guides Adventures, Inc., and Mexico Adventure Guides, we take over 60,000 guests annually on a wide range of trips and courses. Our award-winning programs have been recognized nationally and internationally for their high level of safety, excellent customer service, and technical competence.

Our instructors also work as guides. When not teaching courses, they may lead guests to the top of one of the Seven Summits or guide a sea kayaking expedition in Baja. The ability to interact with diverse groups of people is an essential skill for the wilderness leader. The professional guiding know-how that IWLS instructors impart on courses prepares students to work with all types of individuals, from 17 & Under course participants to the most demanding clients on high altitude mountaineering expeditions.