Mountaineering Courses

IWLS mountaineering courses explore the world’s most remote and jagged mountain ranges! You will be able to sharpen your alpine climbing skills in mountain ranges around the world, from the high altitude peaks of South America to the world’s largest non-polar ice cap in coastal Alaska.

Imagine ice climbing on deep-blue glacial ice, teaching fellow participants about ascending a fixed line or scrambling up an exposed ridge with the sky beneath your feet! When you participate on IWLS mountaineering courses, you will visit the most incredible mountain ranges on the planet while learning how to be a competent leader in varied mountain terrain.

12 and 20 days

The mountains surrounding Haines provide the quintessential Alaskan mountaineering experience. From the snowy heights of Mt. Fairweather to the airy rock ridges and steep ice of unclimbed peaks and towering seracs, these mountaineering courses are ideal for everyone from the novice mountaineer to the seasoned adventurer.


Pacific Northwest
12 and 24 days

Climbers from across the country have come to the North Cascades National Park for generations to learn skills and gain mountaineering experience. Often referred to as the “œAmerican Alps,” it is a well respected training ground for climbers looking to gain skill for a lifetime of mountaineering.


Utah & Nevada
12 and 24 days

Numerous peaks above 12,000 feet and vertical reliefs of 7,000 feet offer an array of climbing objectives within Great Basin National Park. Steep snow slopes, rock ridges, and big mountain terrain amidst a remote wilderness environment make it a perfect location for developing expedition mountaineering skills.


12 days

The Mexico Volcanoes of Iztaccíhuatl (17,160ft/5,230m) and Pico de Orizaba (18,491ft/5,636m) tower above the surrounding fields and villages. These glaciated peaks offer an outstanding international mountaineering course at altitude.



24 days

The glaciated volcanic peaks rising from the Andean Plateau of central Ecuador are ideal for gaining the experience necessary to be a competent and proficient mountaineer. Cayambe (18,997ft/5,790m), Cotopaxi (19,347ft/5,897m) and Chimborazo (20,701ft/6,310m) are spectacular peaks and offer students a great initial high altitude alpine climbing experience.


20 days

Glaciated peaks surround Aconcagua’s flanks and offer students world class mountaineering objectives. From the summit of El Cuerno (17,920ft/5,462m) and its ice fields to the airy ridgeline of Cerro Tolosa (17,821ft/5432m), these mountaineering courses offer students a fine balance of altitude, mountaineering skills, and international travel.


20 days

Cerro Aconcagua dominates the region at a height of 22,841 feet (6,962m). It offers a unique educational opportunity for students seeking the skills and experience of participating in a high altitude mountaineering expedition in a foreign country.


24 days

These mountaineering courses takes place on Patagonia’s famed southern ice field, one of the least explored mountain areas of the world. Here the rugged spine of the Andes meets the Patagonian steppe. IWLS courses access mountain areas around Fitzroy and Cerro Torre that provide an incredible environment for developing mountaineering and leadership skills.

40 days

Advance your high altitude mountaineering skills on the slopes of Imja Tse (20,285ft/6,183m), Mera Peak (21,247ft/6,476m) and Lobuche (20,160ft/6,145m) on our day Nepal mountaineering course.