Professional Incident Response

(12 days/90 hours)

Students practice C-spine immobilization and patient assessment scenarios on a WEMT course in Alaska. -Kevin Forster

Aside from delivering high quality patient care and first aid, it is essential for professionals to be able to manage an incident successfully and minimize risk of potential future litigation. This IWLS course is designed for outdoor professionals and program managers that seek to have the skills to effectively manage incidents at the highest level. During the course you will practice incident command, learn how to handle communications between rescuers, family, and the press. You’ll develop an understanding of the tools needed to protect your program and yourself as a professional in the event of an incident.

COURSE LOCATIONS Alaska, Pacific Northwest, Utah, Mexico, Argentina, Tanzania, and Nepal

IWLS PROFESSIONAL INCIDENT RESPONSE curriculum covers the following topics:

  • Risk Management: A key function of effective incident response takes place prior to an incident. You’ll review elements of risk management including waivers, safety talks, and internal policies and procedures as they apply to specific incident scenarios.
  • Incident Command: You’ll learn effective tools for managing an incident on the ground. The ability to recognize and implement available resources, manage bystanders, and facilitate seamless communications is essential for high quality incident response.
  • Incident Reporting: Whether collecting witness statements, completing incident report forms, or leading your organization in safeguarding its liability, you’ll learn the techniques to capture pertinent information in managing liability.
  • Patient Care: Establishing and maintaining high quality patient care, from the outset of an incident until many months or years down the road, is a focal point of effective incident response and liability management.
  • Public Interface: Issuing public statements, managing communications among staff, and controlling overall information flow is essential for any incident. This course will give you the skills to professionally manage your organization’s incident response.

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