Whitewater Rafting

Few other sports that span the range of human experiences can boast the same adventure that whitewater rafting has to offer. Whitewater Rafting trips can provide moments of exhilaration and adrenaline as well as relaxation and leisure. River expeditions combine the best elements of every type of outdoor recreation to create a wholly original experience that can challenge both the body and mind. From the cold clear meandering rivers of northern Alaska, to the big water of the Amazon, the dangerous waters of east Africa, and the lazy floats through America’s canyonlands, IWLS whitewater rafting courses open the door to a new kind of adventure.

Yukon Territory
12 and 24 days

IWLS Yukon whitewater rafting courses access such legendary rivers as the Tatshenshini, considered by many to be one of the ultimate river trips in the world, and the Tutshi, with its challenging rapids. Depending on the season and flow, courses may also explore the remote McNeil River, the challenging canyon of the Primrose, or the consistent rapids of the Hess River.

12 days

Descending from glaciers on the continent’s highest mountains, the Mendoza River is one of the biggest drainages on the east side of the Andes and has exceptional whitewater rafting.  Consistent Class III and IV rapids create an exciting learning environment with a backdrop of steep canyon walls and towering peaks.

24 days

The Sun Kosi and Karnali Rivers are two of the largest drainages in Nepal. The Sun Kosi descends from the great Mahabharay Lekh Mountains and the Himalaya, encompassing the majority of eastern Nepal’s watershed. The Karnali, of western Nepal, is the longest and largest river in the country, making for an exciting whitewater rafting course location.