Financial Aid

Embarking on an IWLS course is a substantial endeavor; physically, mentally, and financially. In an effort to relieve the financial burden we have identified a number of cost saving mechanisms. In order to use any of the financial aid options below you’ll need to be enrolled as a full time degree seeking student at one of our partner universities. Many of our students accomplish this through Western State (contact/info packet). Please allow at least four months of processing time before your course date if you plan on using financial aid. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

FINANCIAL AID: IWLS offers options for students to access Federal Financial Aid through a consortium agreement between IWLS and the students’ college. For more information, please contact the admission office.

AMERICORPS STIPENDS: Students wishing to attend IWLS with the assistance of an Americorps stipend may do so. An agreement with several IWLS college affiliates allows Americorps participants to receive college credit and use their educational stipends for IWLS courses.

MONTGOMERY G.I. BILL & Post 9/11 G.I. Bill:  Unfortunately, finances are not currently available through GI Bill funding for IWLS courses unless you already receive GI Bill support at a partnering College or University.