Environmental Commitment

Protection and preservation through education!
Since the early 90’s, Alaska Mountain Guides and Climbing School, Inc. has been dedicated to educating students about global and local environmental issues. IWLS Instructors have been continually teaching glaciology, marine biology, and minimum impact camping in relation to the broader picture of environment preservation.As global warming and other environmental issues have come to the forefront of the 21st century consciousness, the value of environmental education is priceless.Education of the earth’s ecosystems is essential for developing the sense of environmental responsibility that is needed in today’s society.

IWLS presentation van
Our environmentally friendly vegetable oil powered IWLS van is touring college campuses around the country. Vegetable oil decreases the van’s carbon dioxide emissions. IWLS supports viable options to reduce gasoline dependency and we are doing our best to spread the word.

Public Lands
Many public land agencies seek to put a dollar value on the precious natural resources of our country’s lands. As active community members, we must weigh the environmental impacts of logging and mining compared with the values of wilderness education and adventure tourism. The promotion of commercial tourism based revenue generation versus natural resource extraction protects our environment through preservation and education.

Minimum impact camping
All of our courses and programs practice minimum impact techniques. From camping in pre-established campsite, packing out all of our waste, and avoiding unnecessary backcountry fires; IWLS is committed to promoting minimum impact and environmental ethics.

IWLS is dedicated to preserving and protecting our invaluable natural environment through education. Understanding the world around us, recognizing its amazing beauty and minimizing our impact within it, are the necessary steps towards a healthy planet and sustainable society. Students on our leadership and guide training course develop an understanding and respect for the natural environment. Their dedication to Leave No Trace ethics and environmental education goes with them beyond our courses. Please contact us if you have any questions, or, if you would like any additional information.

The International Wilderness Leadership School proudly supports the following organizations in their efforts to protect and preserve our natural environment through education:

  • Wilderness Education Association
    In addition to providing the highest quality outdoor education curriculum, the WEA’s mission includes the following: Help develop a land ethic consistent with the ideals of the Wilderness Act and elevate wilderness education and preservation in the minds of students and future leaders across the country. Learn more about the WEA (link to our WEA page).
  • Nature Conservancy
    The Nature Conservancy’s mission is to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.
  • SEACC “ Southeast Alaska Conservation Corps
    SEACC is dedicated to preserving the integrity of Southeast Alaska’s unsurpassed natural environment while providing for the balanced, sustainable use of our region’s resources. Even after years of industrial scale logging on public and private lands in Southeast Alaska, the region continues to possess magnificent old-growth forests, outstanding fish and wildlife habitat, vital customary and traditional use and subsistence areas, and excellent air and water quality. Southeast Alaska’s rugged, wild landscape allows Alaskans to pursue a lifestyle no longer available to most Americans.
  • Lynn Canal Conservation
    For over 30 years, LCC has been dedicated to fostering environmental awareness and protecting the natural environment and quality of life in Southeast Alaska.