Professional Outcomes

IWLS leadership and guide training courses give students the skill set and leadership experience to pursue jobs and careers in the outdoor industry, academia, emergency medicine, and the corporate world.The skills and experience, along with the corresponding certifications, equip our students to seek professional leadership positions.

Here are a few positions that many past students and instructors find themselves in today:

. Antarctica logistics
. Patagonia tour operators
. Denali guide service owners and operators
. University and College Outdoor Program Coordinators
. PhD candidates
. Program directors for private clubs and organizations of all sizes
. Public and private school teachers
. Wilderness therapists
. International guides
. Professional rescuers/EMS responders

Additionally, each year, IWLS alumni find employment in entry-level guiding positions in one of our many locations. With an IWLS course under their belt, these climbing, sea kayaking, or skiing positions are a spring board for more experience and professional opportunities in the outdoor industry. Some alumni, who continue to gain additional leadership experience and skills, become IWLS instructors.