IWLS operates in 4 continents worldwide in a variety of terrain; from volcanic peaks in South America, the beautiful coral reef coast line in Baja, Mexico, the glaciated peaks of southeastern Alaska, the high altitude peaks of Nepal, and to the Serengeti of Tanzania.

Instructing courses for IWLS requires a dedication to the outdoor industry and a passion for education in some of the world’s most remote and beautiful locations. ¬†As an IWLS instructor you will inspire students to carry on a legacy of adventure and stewardship for the environment. Qualifications for an IWLS instructor include but are not limited to: extensive outdoor experience, a variety of teaching styles, a high level of physical fitness, and professionalism.

Priority will be given to those individuals who have completed an IWLS leadership and guide training course.

Please contact the IWLS office with a cover letter briefly stating your outdoor experience and goals with IWLS, professional resume, an outdoor resume, and a minimum of two professional recommendations.

Click HERE for an Alaska Mountain Guides employment application.

IWLS instructors share a summit during a mountaineering expedition. -Brian Rougeux